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Like most booksellers, reading is a large part of my life here at Greenberry House. I have a special old chair, so worn that it sags, where I love to curl up with a good book. Old favorites, exciting new writers, spiritual or challenging, fiction or fact; all pass through my hands and many are worthy of comment. I plan an occasional mention here of a recent book I've read, either to recommend or to warn!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bags With Paper and Stitch

Innovative Surface Techniques for Embellishing Bags

by Isobel Hall

Interweave Press, Publisher, September 2007



$24.95.  Papermaking is something I know very little about.  So recent Fiber Femmes articles and this interesting book are intriguing me toward yet another fiber obsession.  When will it end?


I think a real newcomer to the art of papermaking would probably benefit from either a class or a basic book before tackling the beautiful projects in this book.  Many of the terms and materials used were totally unfamiliar to me.  There are large sections of instruction for the techniques, though, and a little background would enable anyone to produce beautiful and intricate pieces from Hall's instruction.  There is a very good section on handles and fastenings for bags, with some creative suggestions and ideas.


The book is beautifully photographed and the styles and finished objects pictured are inspirational.  While I wouldn't consider this a beginner's book by any means, I think the dedicated papermaker would find Hall's book a wonderful guide to a world of creativity. 


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